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Portuguese Translations

Portuguese Translations

In todays global village, reaching all Portuguese speaking countries means a great deal, after all, this is the 5th most spoken language in the world, and the 6th most used to make business, according to Bloomberg. Your company/idea/product will certainly benefit from reaching over 280 million Portuguese speakers in the world, right?

Whether you need to translate into or from Portuguese a business document, a technical manual, a narrative or a sales copy, rest assured, we have it covered.

We are sensitive to urgent requests or tight deadlines, but we may refuse to accept a project when we believe the time frame for completion is surreal and could jeopardize the final product - Quality Takes Time!

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Areas of Specialization

Because our team is composed by professionals of different backgrounds, we have been delivering Portuguese translations in the following fields: Business & Communication, Marketing & Internet Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering & Electronics, Medical & Pharmacy, Travel & Hospitality, and Gaming.

*Please note that, at the moment, we are not taking on any Legal documents/projects.

Language Pairs

We localize, revise, and translate English and Spanish into Portuguese European and Brazilian. However we can accommodate requests in French, Italian, German in other languages.

Thats right! We cover the main European and most spoken languages in the world, by natives.

CAT Tools

A Computer Aided Translation it is NOT an automated translation, but a translation performed with the help of professional software for a smoother workflow. This ensures a high level of quality, standardization and speed. Because we want the best, we chose TRADOS 2011, a CAT tool compatible with the majority of file formats out there.

Portuguese Translations Trados

Please specify in your query or order what is/are the format of your file/s: pdf, doc, indd, xls, etc, version and/or any specific requirements. We are happy to deliver clean and unclean files.

100% Human Portuguese Translations

Human Portuguese Translations

Our translations are always 100% human and revised by a second translator. But, you only pay for 1 service.

Clients Testimonials

We proudly made available the opinions and feedback of people we had/have the pleasure to collaborate with, so you can actually know what has been said about our services and working attitude.

What Has Been Said About Us

No Obligation Free Quote

Please use the quote request form on our contact page to create or calculate the details of your order; however we do recommend you get in touch with us to provide all info and confirm your quote.

Portuguese Translations - Pricing

Our charges for translation and translation revisions are on a per word basis; however, highly technical content that requires extensive research and/or is very specialized is charged accordingly, as follows:

  • Portuguese technical translation - 0.08EUR/USD/GBP
  • Portuguese general translation - 0.05 EUR/USD/GBP
  • Portuguese revision/proofreading - 0.02 EUR/USD/GBP**


For your convenience and to thank you for your preference and trust, we apply interesting discounts on bulk, and/or on-going projects, as follows:

  • 10% Discount* - From 25000 to 50000 words
  • 20% Discount* - From 50000 to 100000 words
  • 30% Discount* - From 100000 words

*To be applied when of invoice issuance.

**Not applicable to machine translations that need more than revising.

Feel free to use our Calculator to work out the price for your project; however we will contact you with a custom quote and no extra or hidden charges.

Translation Samples

Our Translation Samples are ONLY for your appreciation and you are not allowed to use them in any other way. We can find Business, Medical, Gaming, Electronics, Engineering samples to which we own full copyright.

Portuguese Translation Sample EN-PT Medical Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample EN-PT Medical Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample EN-PT Software Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample EN-PTBZ Technical Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample EN-PTBZ Technical Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample PT-EN Technical Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample SP-PT GAMES Translation
Portuguese Translation Sample SP-PT General Translation

If you do not see your subject or language/variant and you would like a sample, please contact-us beforehand. We are happy to provide a 100 word sample for free (please note that this free sample will not grant you any copyrights)!

Language Pairs - Translations

We provide mainly translations in the following languages/variants, but if you do not see your flag, please contact us before placing your order, as we still may be able to assist you:

Portuguese Translations Brazilian Translations English Translations